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The world’s leading blockchain with proven enterprise applications has abundant real use cases in various industries

Proven enterprise solutions ready to be implemented even for non-blockchain savvy enterprises

Enterprise-friendly public blockchain provides data immutability

Implement solutions solving business pain points with our industry expert and technology partner network


In-house development

Selecting a public blockchain platform for ...

VeChainThor blockchain is a Proof of Authority based general purpose public blockchain, and the governance . And economic models are designed for business applications

VeChain provides comprehensive documentation and technical support. In addition, our international community is the important resources to help promote your solution and even bring business leads

Adopt blockchain technology for your business

Looking to...

The VeChainThor blockchain has the most live enterprise solutions running on it covering multiple use cases



VeChain ToolChain       , the blockchain-as-a-service solution allows enterprises to quickly develop applications and test it out in real life scenarios

Start your digital transformation journey with...

A trusted blockchain technology partner

Blockchain technology provider

Positioned as the ecosystem enabler, VeChain is one of the few blockchain technology providers that have:

Partner network

With VeChain’s partner network, to implement solutions in a reasonable time frame, we can bring in:

  • Industry experts 

  • Technology partners