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 VeChain Builders 

Built on top of the VeChainThor public blockchain, the VeChain ecosystem provides the best resources to anyone who wants to solve real world economic problems and create value with the blockchain technology


Live enterprise applications across industries beyond PoCs

Comprehensive support

to ensure smooth development and integration

Global business network

to empower startups and community projects

International and engaging community

for awareness and outreach


  • Are you looking to adopt blockchain technology for your business? 

  • Looking for a trusted blockchain technology partner for your digital transformation journey? 

  • Selecting a public blockchain platform for in-house development? 

  • Thinking about integrating blockchain and token economy into your existing product?

  • Finding a blockchain ecosystem for your project to scale and thrive? 

  • Looking for business opportunities in the blockchain space?

  • Have an excellent idea you want to turn it into a project and a real business? 

  • Want to contribute to the ecosystem with your specialties?

  • Passionate about blockchain and want to learn more about VeChain?



We help matchmaking projects and talents which share the goal of contributing to the ecosystem

Advise and share resources in the areas of legal, accounting and compliance

Facilitate collaborations between startups, community and enterprises. Help to take your technology to real life adoption, build client networks and generate revenue

Help you explore new markets with VeChain’s global network and community resources

Help increase the publicity of your business and achievements through social media, media channels and offline events


Comprehensive technical documentation, tutorials, developer tools and direct communication with the development team and community

Proven solutions across industries, experienced consulting and implementation partners, turnkey solutions to reduce time to market

You need to not only build the technology, but the business model and market strategy too. Our incubation partners can prepare you for the next stage


Funding support for early stage projects that benefit the ecosystem as a whole. Up to 30K USD paid out by milestones

Get rewards for contributing to the ecosystem and assist you in on-boarding more users

We connect you with reputable blockchain focused venture capitals, or invest with VeChain ecosystem fund